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Love Knows No Bounds

Meet Sam & Ericka Mitchell.

We first met Ericka while she was student teaching several years ago. However, we truly began to get to know her when we first took their engagement photos in July of 2017.

Ericka, like myself, was not "average size". However, she was going to change that. Not just for the wedding, but for herself and her future as well.

Ericka began her journey of becoming healthier by watching what she ate and working out on a set schedule. While doing so, she would post photos on her Instagram so she could watch the progress and show it to others as well. - - - - You can see the amazing progress she has made, and continues to make on her Instagram via her tag of erickaincminor

As time progressed, Ericka went on to lose around 50 pounds between her engagement session and her wedding. (She had lost 30 pounds before the engagement and continues to lose more now.)

So why are we making Ericka our first blog post?

Not only did Ericka go on to make herself healthier, but with her posts on Instagram, she began inspiring others to do what she was doing. Eating right, working out, and becoming healthier people. One of those people who she inspired was yours truly.

Ericka inspired me because it was nice to see someone who was in the same shoes push themselves to lose weight and become a happier person. I knew that if she could do it, so could I.

Thanks to Ericka's inspiration, I have lost 54 pounds since January 1, 2018. I created my own fitness Instagram tag of jstasikfitness where, like Ericka, I post photos of my progress for both my benefit, and the possible benefit of others. --- If I can inspire someone like she inspired me, then that would be amazing!

Thank you to Ericka for being an inspiration to everyone out there and for allowing us to share that journey with you, both in fitness and photography.

Here is what Ericka had to say about her weight loss and her loving husband Sam:

"This type of a journey is not a one size fits all type thing. It took me a while to find out what worked for me, and it takes time for everyone, so keep going until you find the right thing. It was very helpful for me to have the support system in Sam. He actually proposed when I was at my all time heaviest weight, so I knew he loved me through it all.
However when he knew I wanted to kick it in gear, he encouraged me, joined the gym with me, cleaned the diet up with me, and does his best to help veer me away from my cravings (while also allowing a few sneaks within there as well, haha). He's been my rock."
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