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What Should I Wear?!

You just set your appointment for your upcoming photography session - yay!

The weeks zoom by and now your appointment is sooner than you thought. You wonder what you should wear, so you go through your closet to look at your options, but alas! There's so much to choose from and now you're not sure!

Well you've come to the right blog post! I will give you some ideas and inspiration for each photography session that you may have coming up - whether it's engagement, family, or headshots you'll be ready to go!


Coordinating may be one of the toughest things when choosing outfits. The way I best like to explain to clients is to keep the Earth in mind. The Earth shows us constant beautiful scenes, and the colors are a great example of how we can implement it into our styles.

The Earth has 5 Major Color elements that you can use: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water.

  • Wood = Browns & Greens

  • Fire = Oranges, Reds, Yellows, Purples, and Pinks

  • Earth = Light Yellows, Beige, and Light Browns

  • Metal = Whites and Silvers

  • Water = Blue & Black

If you use this trick, you can think of the perfect color coordination for every location you go!

Here's an example:

The Todd Family's Photo Session from Fall 2018

The backdrop was the Rochester Municipal Park during the Fall.

With that being said, the colors that we knew would be present were reds, oranges, green, and mixtures of colors from the water.

So because we knew that Wood, Fire, and Water would be present - the best color scheme to choose from would be Metal and Earth.

That's why the beige/neutral tops with the blue jeans works so well with the color scheme!


Here's another example:

Finney Family Session from 2016

The backdrop was the inside the Butterfly House at the Detroit Zoo.

The Detroit Zoo's Butterfly House offers a beautiful spring-like scene with greens, blues, and sprinkles of pinks/purples/oranges from the flowers and butterflies.

So because we know that Wood & Earth would be represented, that the Finney's could have chosen from Water, Metal, or Fire. They're choice of Water & Earth went really well with the background creating a beautiful memory for them to cherish.


The final example will be from our most recent engagement session:

Kyle & Michelle's Engagement Session - January 2019

Michelle & Kyle wanted their engagement session to take place during Winter.

The backdrop is the Paint Creek Trail and offers our Earth & Metal elements.

Their choice of dark browns and red brought in the needed warmth by using the Wood and Fire elements making them the perfect focus of the photo. (Plus, that pose is just absolutely adorable!)

One thing to notice about every photo is that not only did they coordinate colors, but everyone was dressed in what they were comfortable in, matched styles, and they kept it simple!

When you remember that the focus of the photo session is to show the happiness, love, and beauty of the subject (couple, family, graduating senior, etc.) then it's easy to choose the outfits that best represent you!

If you have any questions or comments about this topic feel free to comment below!

I'd love to hear other tips or answer any questions you may have!

As always, thank you for reading our blog and supporting our small business!

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